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“We may well go farther and say that the habitual deep drinker is constantly one to whom deep intoxication is pleasant; for it really is inconceivable that any 1 would brave the numerous ill-effects of deep indulgence, the physical and mental evil, the social and material loss, unless intoxication were to him, replica omega watches in some way, a pleasure or even a comfort.”

It remained for the psychologists on the Zurich college further to trace the key in the taste for alcohol in excessive quantities. They might not have known it but when they developed certain very simple but browsing tests to make use of inside the diagnosis of mental defects they were taking up the issue that Dr. Reid left with his cautious remark in regards to the kind of man “who is so mentally constituted that deep indulgence is delightful to him the best replica watches .” That remark is evidence that Dr. Reid was close to the secret.
For because of the mental tests developed at Zurich in the Psychopathic Laboratory with the Municipal Court of Chicago beneath a student on the Zurich clinics, best replica watches Dr. William J. Hickson, it was announced in June of the present year that the taste for drunkenness is just about invariably the outcome of some form of mental illness or weakness. The drunkard is driven to drink by a blind, unreasoning want to make up a defect in his brain for which he’s not in the least responsible, and of which he’s not aware. Again and once again it is the strongest motive, and from the human point of view, the ideal motive in him which sends him to alcohol-it is the most fundamental and overpowering instinct of self- preservation. He may realize that alcohol is really a poison and want to prevent it. But the pressure of his psychopathological situation drives him to drink in spite of his intellectual choice against it.

“This man was sent in for examination by the Court of Domestic Relations. He’s of German parentage, forty-five years old. replica watches uk He was educated as a cabinet-maker within the old country, but he’s a metal polisher by trade. He is a man who passes among his acquaintances as of fair intelligence. He has worked in the exact same place for twenty-two years. In that period his wife has had him arrested six occasions for having so drunk that he was harmful to her and the youngsters. He has beaten her and threatened her life repeatedly. Have a look at his visual memory test and see what it shows.”