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About Our School & Event Products

We aim to offer the best value for money with our print prices and digital download option

[Please note that digital image downloads will not be available for Group/Class Photographs]

[This is due to the potential for unwarranted sharing of images between group members]




Digital Image

£15.00 Each

Single Image Prints
[Card Strut Mounted]

7x5 (£8.00) Each

8x6 (£9.00) Each

9x6 (£10.00) Each

A4 (£15.00) Each

Package Options

Option A
One A4 / Two 7x5


Option B
Two 8x6 / Two 7x5
4 Passport Size (Unmounted)


Option C
Four 8x6 / Four 7x5
4 Passport Size (Unmounted)


Package Options

Option D
One 9x6 / Six 5x3.5


Option E
Option A Prints x 2


Print Sizes Are in Inches

[Size does not include Mount]

For Special Prints
[Canvas /Acrylic / Framed]
Contact Us Directly for a Price
Email: misterj64@live.co.uk
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