Terms and Conditions


1. Images supplied as downloaded images or on disk are free from copyright (With the exception of viewing disks – which cannot be used by customers other than to view and select images). This means that the customer can print images, arrange through a third party to have images printed, make copies of images and share images with friends. Images can also be transformed onto computer or any other suitable media. The term free from copyright restrictions does not remove the copyright ownership of each image and MR J Images retains full copyright of all images taken by MR J Images photographers. Any images taken by MR J Images can be used by that business for publicity (including website or published media) unless a specific request is made by a customer for images not to be used in such a manner. Images supplied cannot be re-edited without the specific permission of MR J Images.
2. A confirmed booking refers to a booking that has been made where a deposit has been received by MR J Images. MR J Images will only confirm a booking without a deposit in certain circumstances and the customer will be notified in writing (including email) that the booking is confirmed awaiting payment (this may be in full or by deposit followed by a final balance). Any other booking without a deposit payment is marked as unconfirmed and MR J Images reserves the right to cancel bookings that are not confirmed within a reasonable timeframe (usually within 7 days).
3. Full resolution images refers to images saved to a minimum of 300dpi and cropped to 12×8 and /or 10×8. images will be saved in a jpeg format.


i. Once booking has been made a deposit of 20% of the total price (not including travel and overnight expenses) is payable. This is non-refundable after 14 days of booking. On receipt of the deposit the booking is then marked as confirmed and MR J Images is then obligated to carry out the services agreed at the consultation or time of booking. The customer will be informed in writing of the full price, including any travel and overnight expenses where applicable, during a consultation or as agreed on booking (this maybe in either email or written booking confirmation or both).
4. Full payment for services, include travel and overnight accommodation when these apply, must be paid to MR J Images 7 days prior to event taking place unless an alternative agreement has been made in writing (written into booking contract or by email).

Cancellation by customer

5. The customer is entitled to cancel the agreement and will receive a full refund of any deposit made if cancellation is within 14 days of the original confirmation of booking date. A cancellation after the 14 day period will result in loss of the initial deposit. Cancellations will also incur the following charges (where they apply) due to the loss of booking availability for other customers.
6. If the cancellation is made with less than 30 days but more than 7 days before the event MR J Imageswill be entitled to seek further 20% of the original booking fee plus any pre-arranged overnight costs.
7. If the cancellation is made with 7 days or less before the event MR J Images will be entitled to seek a total of 60% of the original booking fee plus any pre-arranged overnight costs. (if the event is cancelled on the day of the event MR J Images is also entitled to seek any incurred travel costs at the standard charge rate advertised in MR J Images price listing).
8. MR J Images is entitled to waive all or part of the fees at the discretion of MR J Images and this will be dependant on a replacement booking being made to cover loss of revenue.

Cancellation by MR J Images

9. MR J Images will make every possible effort to fulfil contract obligations for services booked by all customers. In the unlikely event that MR J Images cannot provide the services booked the following will apply:

MR J Images will return in full any payments made to the customer.

ii. MR J Images will make every effort to assist the customer in finding an alternative service provider. MR J Images will not pay any costs for the use of an alternative service provider or make guarantees of quality of services provided but may negotiate on behalf of the customer a similar service to the original booked service.
iii. In the event of a cancellation on the day of a wedding in addition to returning all monies paid to MR J Images a further one off payment equal to 10% of the total billed amount will be made as compensation. MR J Images will not make any further compensation payments and is not obliged to make such payments. This payment is a goodwill gesture only.
10. MR J Images also reserves the right to use an alternative photographer contracted by MR J Images to carry out wedding or session photography. In these cases the photographer is guaranteed to carry out the booked arrangements and will provide all products and services arranged through MR J Images.

Storage of images and website availability of images

11. MR J Images will publish images within client galleries on the businesses website within 3 days of the event. Galleries will be available for up to 3 months following the event for weddings or One month for other events. MR J Images will guarantee to retain all images for a 24 months period after this time images may no longer be available for order or use. MR J Images reserves the right  to retain any images taken for publicity use (including use on MR J Images public galleries, in advertising material or for display purposes) unless a specific request is made by the customer.